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We offer a range of courses on different coaching concepts and psychological skills. If you can't find a desired topic or time that is suitable for you, please contact us about what you are looking for.

Chronic Conditions

Prevent & manage possible sport-induced health problems.

Fatigue & Burnout

Improving sleep hygiene & avoid athlete burnout.

Lost Skill Syndrome

Preventing & treating LSS in sports like gymnastics & cheer.


Learn how exercise affects the different body systems.

Concentration & Confidence

Improving focus & its effects on self-confidence.

Feedback & Communication

Age/ability appropriate communication strategies.


Theories & strategies to improve motivation in sport.

Psychological Skills

Introduction to psychological skills & training strategies.

Facilitating Growth

Improving character development & moral behaviour.

Growth Mindset

Learn how to love learning. Face challenges head on.

Performing Under Pressure

Relaxing & focusing during high pressure situations.

Stretching & Conditioning

Fitness components & their effects on performance.

Foundation workshops are approximately 1hr 30min and cover the fundamentals of each topic.

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Whangarei Academy of Gymnastics,

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