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About the Program

'Grow Your Mindset' is a 12-week mental performance program involving weekly 30min mentoring sessions and various exercises prescribed by our mental performance coach. Participants will get access to a variety of resources to help them put the teachings into practice. Athletes will start by taking a mental skills assessment in order to identify areas to improve. At the first appointment the athlete will be given a personalised training plan and will set goals for the length of the program.

Learning Objectives

Skills learnt during the GYM program are dependant on the athletes goals, assessment results, and sport requirements. Some skills learnt include:

               - Goal Setting

               - Mental Imagery

               - Positive Self-Talk

               - Anxiety Regulation

               - Concentration

               - Growth Mindset


Whats Included

Personalised Mental Skills Training Plan

Athletes will receive a personalised 12-week training plan outlining the concepts and exercises they will focus on during the program. Each week will include a module to discuss in the mentoring sessions and an exercise to focus on during the week.

Athletes will have a weekly 30 minute mentoring session with our mental performance coach. The coach will facilitate the mental performance plan, discuss the athletes progress, and teach athletes new mental skills & concepts.

Weekly Mentoring Sessions

In the weekly mentoring sessions, the coach will introduce the athlete to a variety of exercises for them to put into practice. Each week, athletes will be taught a new exercises to implement into their training. The exercises will be discussed & refined over the weeks. 

Mental Skills Exercises

Athletes will be provided with a range of resources to help them implement what they've learnt into their training program. Other resources like podcast, books, videos etc may be provided to help athletes expand their knowledge & learn new techniques.

Mental Skills Resources & Worksheets


30min Consultation Appointment - Free

12x Weekly 'Grow Your Mindset' Sessions   - $500*

*This cost includes the personalised training plan, mentoring sessions, prescription of mental skills exercises, text/email support, and any resources supplied by the coach. Please contact us for information regarding payment plans.

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