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Mental Skills Database

Mental Skills Database


About Notion Template

Notion is a connected workspace to create, use, and share wikis, docs, and projects. This template includes all our available resources on mental performance coaching for sport coaches and athletes. This template is not a substitute for mental performance coaching or mental health treatmennt. The aim of the template is to provide our customers with resources they can use under the guidance of a sport or mental performance professional.


Whats Included

The Mental Skills Database includes a range of information, instructions, and resources to assist in mental performance training. The database includes five dfferent pages:

  • Skills - detailed descriptions of mental skills including goal setting, self-talk, and mental imagery.
  • Exercises - instructions and video resources for a variety of skills to help improve mental performance.
  • Concepts - a variety of concepts related to specific mental skills to help with athletes understanding.
  • Resources - a variety of mental performannce worksheets and links to other resources and third-party services.
  • Quotes - a database of quotes relating to a range of mental skills.


How It Works
1. Purchase.
2. Download the PDF.
3. Duplicate the Template.


Please note that this template is not optimized for Dark mode.
This is a digital download. No physical items will be sent after purchase.

All Rights Reserved Athlete For Life.
By purchasing this item, you agree to the terms of use, which includes but is not limited to the prohibition of file sharing or selling in any form. You may change or delete information on the template for your own personal use. However, creating derivative works from the template is strictly prohibited.

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