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Mental performance education & resources for sport participants of all skill levels.

Mental Skills Coaching

The 'GYM' Program

12-week personalised mental training program for athletes wanting to develop their mental skills.

Injury Programs

Personalised on-going mental skills training for athletes with long-term or chronic injuries.

Casual Appointment

Appointments for athletes who have finished a program or want to attend on a casual basis.

Free Resources

Eating Healthy
A poster encouraging a healthy relationship with food.
General Progress Planner
A printout of a general sports program progress tracker.
Tumbling Progress Planner
A printout of a tumbling program progress tracker.
Identify Your Mindset
A worksheet to help identify your mindset.
Fitness Program
An infographic of exercise ideas.
Performance Testing
A printout performance testing template.
Mental Skills Training
A poster explaining the importance of mental skills.
Mindset of a Champion
Mental traits of a sport champion.
The Psychology of Injury
A poster explaining the psychology behind injuries.
Post-Performance Plan
An outline of a post-performance routine.
Pre-Performance Plan
An outline of a pre-performance plan.
Anxiety Regulation
A poster explaining stress & anxiety.
Mental Imagery
A poster explaining mental imagery.
A poster explaining positive & negative self-talk.
Lost Skill Syndrome
A poster explaining lost skill syndrome.
A poster explaining concentration.
A poster explaining confidence.
Coach Burnout
A poster explaining coach burnout.
Athlete Burnout
A poster explaining athlete burnout.
Growth Mindset
A poster explaining growth vs fixed mindset.
Healthy Athletes
A poster of characteristics of a healthy athlete.
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