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Stretching & Conditioning


1.5 hours approx.


Coaches & athletes.


Please enquire for costs

All coaches understand that physical fitness is the basis of success in sport. However fitness is not a "once size fits all". Everyone has different optimal training lengths, intensities, approaches etc and it can be hard to optimise trainings to benefit groups with different needs & goals.

Understanding the science behind stretching & conditioning is essential for optimising the effectiveness of training plans. Learn more about the different physical skills like strength, flexibility, endurance etc. Discuss recommended exercise plans and the effectiveness of different training programs. Identify, educate, and train fitness deficiencies while maintaining areas of strength.

Foundation Workshop

Topics Covered

Warming up & cooling down.
Why flexibility is important & how to improve it.
Recommendations for different types of resistance training.
Why endurance training is important & how to monitor fitness.

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