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Mental Skills Coaching for All Sports & Skill Levels

Do you perform well in training but crumble under the pressure of competition? Are you struggling with your confidence or concentration during your performance? Mental skills coaching provides athletes with the tools they need to improve their performance through various skills like imagery, self-talk, and goal-setting. Learn how to improve your focus, build your confidence, and perform when the pressure is on.

Book a free introductory consultation below to learn more about mental skills coaching and how mental skills can improve your performance.

Coaching Programs

The 'GYM' Program

Our 'Grow Your Mindset' program is for athletes looking to make a long-term commitment to their mental performance.


Athletes will receive a personalised training program and will be guided by our mental performance coach through weekly meetings & exercises.


Training plans can be tailored for a range of ages, levels, and sports.

Injury Programs

An injury doesn't just affect an athlete physically, it can also take a toll on their mindset. Athletes may experience feelings like grief, denial, and anger. Mental skills coaching can help injured athlete process the mental effects injuries can have. 

Mental training is also beneficial for minimising performance loss  during recovery periods. Plans can be tailored to the recovery period.

Casual Appointment

Casual appointments can be booked by athletes who have already completed the GYM program and would like to follow up with our mental performance coach. 

Casual appointments can also be booked by those who do not desired a personalised program. These session can be used to discuss general mental skills or specific questions the athlete has.

Benefits of Mental Skills Coaching 

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Reduced Anxiety

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Builds Confidence

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Increased Motivation

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Better Concentration

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Improved Performance

Misconceptions of Mental Skills Training

Misconception 1

Mental skills training is only for problem athletes.

Mental skills training is not just for athletes who are struggling. PST is benefical for any athlete wanting to improve & achieve peak performance.

Misconception 2

Only elite athletes benefit from mental skills training.

Athletes of all ages & skill levels can benefit from mental skills training. The earlier PST is implemented the greater the benefits over time. 

Misconception 3

Mental skills training is a 'quick fix' solution.

Like physical skills, mental skills requires consistent training in order to see significant changes. Frequent, short sessions are most effective.

Misconception 4

Mental skills training just does not work.

Studies have shown PST training can help improve mental & physical performance. PST is not a one size fits all and must be tailored to the athletes goals & sport needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What results can I expect from working with a mental performance coach?

Mental skills coaching is not one-size-fits-all. Athletes will have different areas of focus, goals, and sport requirements. The aim of mental skills coaching is to identify individual areas to improve and tailor the program to  benefit the athletes. Some common outcomes include increased confidence, better concentration, improved emotional control and anxiety regulation.


What sports/ages/levels do you work with?

We work with athletes of all sports, ages, and, skill levels. Our mental performance coach can provide different coaching approaches for young, novice athletes compared with adult, elite athletes. We recommend incorporating mental skills training as early as possible in order to compliment physiological/psychological growth. Our coach also has experience with neurodivergent athletes and athletes with chronic diseases


How do I know I need mental performance coaching?

Any athlete wanting to improve and reach peak performance can find benefit in mental performance coaching. You do not need to have a 'problem' in order to improve your mental skills.  Some signs athletes may need mental skills coaching include being unable to perform at max ability during competition, having mental blocks, or getting frustrated when things do not go perfectly.


Where are you located?

Our mental performance coach is based in Whangarei, New Zealand and we can work in-person or online with athletes across New Zealand. We also work with athletes globally via Zoom or Teams. If you prefer to work with a sport professional in-person, our coaches can recommend resources in your local area. For more information please contact us at

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